Dedicated hosting plans

Independent Control

  • Ability to install applications without restrictions
  • Fully managed support included:
  • Site load issues
  • Network problems
  • Hardware failures
  • Email, DNS, and other custom configurations (MySQL, apache)
  • Website errors
  • Package, Google Apps, and SimpleScripts Installations … and more!
  • Easy-to-use cPanel and optional root access

Dedicated Resources

  • Faster operating speeds for high traffic sites
  • Extensive security and mirrored storage for advanced data protection
  • Maximum performance unaffected by other users

Hosting Guaranteed Uptime

Pricing & Predictability

  • Scaleable resources and payment term options
  • Predictable monthly costs — no “sticker shock”
  • No overage charges

Cloud-Based Flexibility

  • Room to grow and scale as demands increase
  • Instant provisioning of resources
  • Seamless migration options