Your data is your asset


Sysnet Solution delivers dependable and affordable data protection and data recovery from simple local desktop file level backup to complete Disaster Recovery and Intelligent business continuity solutions. If you are faced with a natural disaster or a complete hardware meltdown, how would you recover data? How much is the cost of the data you have lost and how long can you afford to go on without proper data and infrastructure in place. What if your information was compromised by employee theft or hackers? Would you still have access to the vital data and IT infrastructure that serves as the framework of your operation? We provide complete data backup and data recovery options to protect small and medium-sized businesses in Southern California area from incident like these.

We offer safe and secure data protection plans to guard your important business data from any possible source of loss such as to file server failures, hackers, system errors and natural disasters such as earthquake.

Data protection and data recovery solutions


  • Receive backup of your data and IT infrastructure in our offsite data centers, assuring duplicate copies in case of any catastrophic loss
  • Obtain simple, secure access to your files through a secure web portal interface.
  • Get consistent, automatic data backups of your important files on the desktop and file servers at your business
  • Duplicate an offsite copy of your IT infrastructure that is available within minutes in the event of a system failure or disaster

Your data protection plan should include more than just an in-house backup copy. If your office were destroyed or not accessible, your chance of data recovery would be gone, too. Building your infrastructure will take days/week vs. few hours. A devastating event might seem unlikely but the chance is always there. A virus or network intrusion attack could keep your business down for days. All business must adopt some kind off-site backup or disaster recovery policy.

Please watch this two minute video to understand how this solution provides what we call “beyond backup” or “Intelligent Business Continuity